Beshkent Qala

Beshkent Qala is a heavily degraded fort near the town of Shahrtuz.

The site is open next to a secondary road and there is no supervision. You are free to walk around the fort.

Beshkent Qala is located in the Nosiri Khusrav District. The fort is not too far from the Chiluchar Chashma springs (44 Springs). Built on an artificial hill, mudbrick remains of the wall and a citadel remain. Some carving can be seen on the outer walls. The fort was in use during the 6th century BC to 4 century AD, and much late from the 17th to 20th century AD.

Directions: 12km west of Shahrtuz. Download a GPS track here. GPS coordinates: 37.218728, 68.038616