Hamadoni Shrine

Built sometime after the 14th Century, the Hamadoni Mausoleum is the burial place of Mir Said Ali Hamadoni, a famous Persian Sufi scholar (more information on Hamadoni here). The mausoleum, located in the city of Kulob, was rebuilt in the late 1990s with support from the Iranian government, and as a result looks like a brand-new structure:

Pilgrims visit this site, and it’s a place for quiet reflection and prayer. Non-Muslims are welcome, just be sure to remove your shoes at the front entrance. Nearby is a museum dedicated to Hamadoni that is worth a quick visit.

If you spend some time in Tajikistan, you will see Hamdoni’s face regularly – on the 10 Somoni banknote.

Tajikistan money

The mausoleum is very easy to find in the centre of Kulob. Map and directions coming soon.