Childukhtaron is Tajik for “40 girls.” The reason for this name can be found in local legend (read story and see photos here). Photo of Childukhtaron by Farkhod (credit here):

The Childukhtaron mountains

We will eventually have full information, including directions, a map, more photos, and a trip report (by mid-2016) on the Childukhtaron nature preserve. Located in Muminobod district, this nature preserve is not a day trip from Dushanbe. You should dedicate at least 3 full days, although 2 is possible if you have your own 4-wheel drive. Full information, maps, photos and a trip report coming by summer 2016.

The photos below were taken in the first week of May by Lisa Marina Gampp. With good weather, visiting earlier than this is fine.





Thanks to Willem van Weperen for providing photos from his work with Agriculture and Livelihood for the mosaic below. They include images from all seasons in Chuldukhtaron and in the surrounding Muminobod District.