Shuroobod District

NOTE (2 February 2016): The government has changed the named of the district to “Shamsiddini Shohin” District. Locals will likely continue to refer to the area as Shuroobod. And, even more likely, they’ll continue to call it Shurobod (or Shurabad in Russian pronunciation).

Shuroobod District, bordering Afghanistan, is southeast of the city of Kulob, and can be reached on the main road that goes to the Pamirs (Gorno-Badakhshan). Visiting the mountainous areas in this district is not an easy task compared to the short day-trips elsewhere in Khatlon Province (e.g., a special permit is required to visit some border zones).

The Dashtijum nature preserve in Shuroobod District is one of the longest trips you can take in the south. But it is worth the trip as it is so isolated and rarely visited by outsiders, being in the far eastern part of Khatlon province near the Afghan border. Be aware that at higher altitudes you will have the same short summer season as you do elsewhere in Tajikistan. The goal of this protected area is to preserve the mountain ecosystem habitat here for a number of wild animals.

Full information coming after mid-2016. For now, watch this video that features Dashtijum (from 0:35 to 2:20).

Nearby, the towns of Sarichashma and Khirmanjo also offer a base for exploring other mountainous areas. The good news is that there is some tourism infrastructure here. For guesthouses and guides, and on what to see and do, visit the website of the “Mountain Ungulates Project in Tajikistan,” they have information on the area: Sarichashma and Khirmanjo.

For a view of village life in this area, view Nissor Abdourazakov’s photo album of Dashtijum.