Mount Kaypiaztau

Mount Kaypiaztoy Kaypiaztau is the highest peak in the Ichkoran mountain chain, at 1,636 metres (5,367 ft). From the top you have a great view of the lower Vakhsh Valley and the Kofarnihon Valley.


Springtime, as the grass will be green and the flowers will be blooming. We recently did a hike in mid-October, and the grass has long changed colour:


How do I get there?

The starting point for this hike can easily be accessed from the outskirts of the city of Qubodiyon (165km from Dushanbe on a good road). If you don’t have your own car, you will need to start from the centre of Qubodiyon (marked on most maps as Qabodiyon) and take a shared taxi to the village of Ravshanobod (15 minute drive north). It will cost three or more Somoni per person. We gave the driver some extra money (four Somoni total) to drive us to the end of the road past the village near the train tracks (but it would only take an extra 10-15 minutes of walking). You can then walk from there and follow our GPS track that leads to the start of the hike (download the track here that starts in Qubodiyon and continues after the taxi dropped us off near the tracks).

If you have your own car you can actually drive quite far into the mountain range and save yourself a lot of time. Your car should be 4-wheel drive, but a normal car should still get at least half-way. Leave the road and follow the dirt track into the mountain at these coordinates: 37.4432,68.2236. There is a dirt track shown on the OsmAnd map app from this point onwards. You should have a 4-wheel drive or a least a car with good clearance off of the ground.

The hike:

We did a hike that follows the main ridge up to the peak (download our GPS track). You will spend most of the time on the top of the ridge, but you will need to occasionally drop down to follow an easier trail. The trail is not always clear, and you will be on and off livestock trails. At one point our GPS tracks drops down into a canyon where we checked out a cave (37.39398,68.25872). Soon after we reached a large rock in the flat area below the peak (a great spot for lunch). From Ravshanobod to this point took us three hours.

The hike up the peak occasionally feels a little bit like climbing. Some people may find this far too difficult or scary. Download our GPS track that will take you from the lunch rock to the peak. It took us 40 minutes to get to the top.

On the way out you can follow the GPS tracks in reverse, or you can go back a different way. There are a number of different ways down, but there are also long lines of cliffs. Only attempt a different route down if you have lots of time and are OK with the chance of very steep and rough terrain.

In the future we will create a GPS track and information about how to go south from Mount Kaypiaztau towards Mount Tanakamar, and then back to a main road from there.

More details on the hike:

You don’t actually need to hike to the top. In the springtime the lower parts of the mountain are great for short walks and picnicking.

The only other people on the mountain will be shepherds. There are quite a few 4-wheel drive roads that go into the small valleys at the foot of the mountain, and trucks seem to be there occasionally to gather rocks and sand for construction material.

Bring lots of water. There is nowhere on the mountain to fill up on clean water. In mid-October the temperature was on the low-20s Celsius and we went through three litres per person for the day, but we should have had four litres.

We had both mobile phone and data on the mountain (not 3G or 4G, but H+ on the lower ridges, “E” on the mountaintop), but no reception low down in the canyons.

No special permissions are required to be in this location. You will still be quite far from the border with Afghanistan.