Mount Khojamaston

The summit of Mount Khojamaston is 1,822 metres (5,978 feet). The summit and the highest ridge offer views of the Vakhsh River and the wider Vakhsh Valley. When Tajikistan has hazy weather, roughly July/August through October, the visibility will not be very good and your views will be restricted. But the slopes always offer beautiful terrain:


View the photos from our mid-October hike (in spring this will be all very green):

The start of any hike to the summit can be reached in about a 10-minute drive from Sarband (1.5-2 hours from Dushanbe). There are several routes to the top, with the shortest being 2 hours.

In the composite google image above you can see many pyramid-shaped rock formations.

Mount Khojamaston

Do not attempt to hike up between these. This area is very dangerous and steep. This area is deceptive – it gets slowly steeper and steeper until you at a point of no return (and you will be climbing, not hiking):

Mount Khojamaston

At the top you will find an unfinished building project of some sort, and stairs heading down the other side towards where cars can drive up to:


There is a road on the (less scenic) western slope, and it is possible to drive to within a 25 hike to the very top. A 4-wheel drive is suggested, but it will be one of the easiest 4-wheel drive roads you will drive on (about 11km long). Download the GPS track here. When you arrive at the village just below the summit, you will need to hike up a trail for about 25 minutes.

Don’t feel like going to the summit? Then maybe you can explore the lower foothills that lead up to the mountain. There is great hiking here as well, as you can see from these photos taken in mid-February a few years back:

You can even start your hike right across the river from the town of Sarband:

Sarband Hills

The view of the mountains from the Sarband train bridge