Sarband Red Hills

Red Hills

Google earth view of the hills near the city of Sarband

The foothills, ridges and small mountains at the base of Mount Khojamaston are easily accessible from the city of Sarband, with some trails within short walking distance of the city centre.

Sarband foothills

Taking a break during an early February hike

This area was a common filming location for old Soviet action-adventure films, and even for at least one Bollywood production. There are endless options for exploring, hiking, climbing and picnicking.

Sarband foot ills

It’s possible to hike or climb in any direction… not trail required

When is the best time for hiking?

Late winter blossoms

Late winter blossoms

Short answer: we don’t suggest going for a hike in the middle of the day in July or August. It will be too hot. The rest of the year should be fine, minus extreme weather events (a rare heavy winter snowfall or an unusual early summer heatwave).

Sarband train bridge view

Sarband train bridge view of the Red Hills

Directions: full directions and guide map coming soon. For now, it’s easy enough to just show up in Sarband and to walk or drive towards the easily visible hills.