Takakamar Lookout

The lookout point at the top of Mount Takakamar at a height of 1347 metres (4420 feet) provides an view of the Tigrovaya Balka wetlands, the Amu Darya River, and the Afghan desert across the border. Note: “Tanakamar” in the image below is a mistake. It is Mount Takakamar.


The satellite image above makes it clear that you will have a view of the Vaskh River (Tigrovaya Balka) and the Panj River (the Afghan border) in the distance. But it is not clear whether or not you will be able to see the confluence of the Panj and Vakhsh where the Amu Darya begins.

The hike to the top starts near the city of Shahrtuz. The distance from the peak to the edge of the Tigrovaya Balka wetlands, in a straight line, in only 1 kilometre. The view should be excellent.


We will investigate the feasibility (prohibited or not?) of hiking in this area, as it is so close to the Afghan border. A full report on this will be ready by late spring 2016 eventually.