Rock Beaches

The Vakhsh River, from the Qurghonteppa airport downstream to the bridge at Qizilqala, has some great grass and rock beaches. You will need a car or a bicycle to get from Qurghonteppa City to the Vakhsh River, so there are usually only a few people swimming and picnicking.

An early August picnic

An early August picnic

Is the Vakhsh River dangerous? If you try to swim in the main channel you will be taken downstream in a very strong current. But you should be OK if you stay in the smaller side channels.

Vakhsh River

Crossing a secondary channel of the Vakhsh River.

Outside of the warm season, the Vakhsh River rock beaches are still nice to visit. This photo below was taken on a sunny day in February.


Rock skipping on the Vakhsh River

If you like rock collecting, the Vakhsh River is amazing. Here are some examples:

The water’s edge

Vakhsh River rocks

Exact map locations and directions coming soon.