Sarband Beach

The grass beach on the Sarband Reservoir is great location for a picnic and a short swim (the water is quite cool).

Sarband grass beach picnic

Sarband grass beach picnic

Aside from swimming, you can walk along the edge of the lake below some scenic cliffs.

Lakeside pistachio trees

Lakeside pistachio trees

It is possible to find a way around the cliff and hike to the top of the nearby hills for a scenic view.


At certain times the water rises in the reservoir, and part of the grass beach is submerged:

Sarband beach underwater

Sarband beach underwater, photo by Sworde-Teppa volunteer Alex Shaw

If you see a man in a motorboat, wave at him and offer to pay for a ride. For 20 Somoni he took a group for an extended ride…

Sarband reservoir motorboating

Sarband reservoir motor-boating

It is quite easy to find the grass beach, as it is a short hike or a very short drive from the town of Sarband. However, the very end of the road is quite rough, and cars with low clearance may scrape over some rocks. Exact directions, a map, and more information coming soon.