Norak (Nurek)

The area around Norak (Nurek) is an increasingly popular destination, being just over a one-hour drive from Dushanbe on the road to Danghara and Kulob. The main attraction in Norak is the large reservoir holding back the Vakhsh River for hydroelectric power.

The spill-over cascade is quite impressive (one minute video):

Downstream from the dam is quite pleasant. Photo by Prince Roy:

Vakhsh River, downstream from Nurek

If you have the money to spare, there is an all-inclusive resort in Nurek that will pick you up in Dushanbe: “Aqua Club” (website here). These photos are from their website:




We will soon fill this page out with information for the independent traveller. For now, view more pictures of Norak/Nurek on Flickr, and read these travellers’ reviews.