The cities of Qubodiyon and Shahrtuz are very close to each other: approximately 12km on a very straight and flat road. Either of them can be used as a base for visiting the sights nearby.

Qubodiyon is home to a new Sworde-Teppa English Centre, a smaller satellite centre of Sworde-Teppa’s Qurghonteppa base.

A disused Qubodiyon cinema, before it was converted to a Sworde-Teppa English school

By spring 2016 this page will have complete information on getting to Qubodiyon, and what to do when you get there. For now, see our pages in Qubodiyon’s Qala-i Mir ruins, and on the nearby Mount Kaypiaztoy.

The town of Shahrtuz is conveniently close to 44 Springs, the historical Khoja Mashad madrassa, Takhti Sangin, and the hike to the Tanakamar Lookout.

More information coming soon.