The city of Qurghonteppa is the 3rd largest city in Tajikistan, and is the base for the Sworde-Teppa English and Education Centre. Also known as Kurgan-Tyube (Russian spelling), this city is a central location for the western regions of Khatlon Province, and is only one hour away from Dushanbe.

Vakhsh River diversion canal near central Qurghonteppa

Vakhsh River diversion canal near central Qurghonteppa

Qurghonteppa is a great base for exploring the south. It is a very short drive to Sarband, and equally close to the Vakhsh River and to the Ajina-Teppa Buddhist monastery ruins. While it does get quite hot in the summer, you can take refuge in one of the city’s museums, or go for a swim in the canals or at the Vakhsh River’s rock beaches.

Aside from July and August during the middle of the day, the city is usually a good temperature to go exploring. View this photo album to get a good idea of what the city looks like.

Full information on Qurghonteppa coming by spring 2016.