Before you read any further, check out our story and photo presentation on Sarband.

The town of Sarband is about 20 minutes from Qurghonteppa, and one and a half hours from Dushanbe. The entire Sarband district has some amazing sights to see, as well as numerous activities from hiking to swimming. If you are looking for a picnic spot, we strong suggest that you visit the Sarband grass beach (full info here).

Sarband reservoir

Sarband reservoir grass beach

If you are looking for a hike with a great view of the valley and the river, we suggest the Red Hills (short hikes) or Mount Khojamaston (difficult steep hike).

Red Hills climbing

Red Hills climbing

If you want to see the Vakhsh River, Sarband is a great place to start (see photos here).

Full information on travelling to Sarband and finding your way around coming in spring 2016. Sarband is an easy location to visit, it is good enough to just show up and explore on your own without doing much research.