The Southern Tajikistan Tourism website is part of a volunteer-powered tourism development project. We hope to make tourists aware of the many amazing destinations throughout southern Tajikistan.

Sarband train bridge

Sarband train bridge over the Vakhsh River

During most of the year, Tajikistan’s beautiful high mountain ranges are closed due to snow and road closures. However, the more moderate climate of the south allows for year-round visits.


Springtime in the Childukhtaron nature preserve. Photo by Lisa Marina Gampp.

Furthermore, many destinations can be visited in a single day-trip from Dushanbe. Hiking, swimming, visiting historical sites and seeing wildlife are just a few of the many tourist activities in southern Tajikistan’s Khatlon Province.

A view of the valley in the late afternoon

A view of the Sari Khosor valley in the late afternoon

Please explore our website and its constantly expanding resources. We hope to soon have exact maps of every tourist destination, specific travel instructions, and other valuable advice to assist the independent traveller in planning their trip to the south.

RC Cola camel

The famous thirsty camel of the Sarband-Danghara road.

Please don’t be intimidated by the lack of information on southern Tajikistan. Travelling throughout this region is actually quite easy. We hope, with this website, to make it even easier.

Ismoil Somoni statue, Qurghonteppa City

Ismoil Somoni statue, Qurghonteppa City

Please note that information on this website is incomplete. For now, we are including as many photographs as possible, to give the prospective tourist a good idea of what to expect.

Khoja Mashad madrassa, near Shahrtuz

Khoja Mashad madrassa, near Shahrtuz

We will be regularly adding material to the website. Check back occasionally, particularly our news page, where most updates will be added.

Sarband reservoir walk

Sarband reservoir walk

We are part of a non-profit organisation that is mostly volunteer-powered. However, we are actively searching for funding to expand our programmes and we are open to joint projects.

Bathing in the Sari Khosor valley

Bathing in the Sari Khosor valley

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If you have any questions or comments about the website, please send a message to Christian.Bleuer at gmail.

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